This Year’s Evolutions

January 2, 2018

This Year's Evolutions!


On this episode of the Focus On The Good Podcast, I talk with Blake Fly about This Year's Evolutions, how to build communities and Blake's board of advisers (spoiler allert, The Rock is one of the members)


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Jake Ballentine


P.S. This is the last episode of the Focus on The Good podcast, details and the announcement are in the intro. 


Conquer Your Dragons with Adam Friday Woods!

December 8, 2017

Conquer Your Dragons with Adam Friday Woods!


Adam Friday Woods (Woody) is a professional speaker and author of the brand new children's book, Conquer Your Dragons.


Conquer Your Dragons is not only a fun, entertaining, rhyming, adventure story with incredible pictures and great vocabulary, but also a fantastic fable with many underlying principles to teach our children (and perhaps even adults) to recognize that the dragons they face do not have to control them. It gives them hope that they can conquer any obstacle that gets in their way. And it makes a great opportunity for parents to have an open discussion about the challenges their kids have.


In this interview we talk about the book, some of Woody's dragons and how you can conquer your Dragons!


For more info on Conquer Your Dragons visit:


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Jake Ballentine


043: Get Serious About Your Goals!

October 27, 2017

It is time to get serious about your goals!


Most people just think about their goals but they never do anything about them. 


Most people never commit to their goals! 


It is time to make a commitment and get serious about your goals!


If you are interested in joining the 10 day goal challenge email


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042: The Future is in Great Hands

October 19, 2017

The Future is in Great Hands!


Focus on The Good podcast Episode: 042


In this solo round I talk about the youth of today and Millennials. 


There is a lot of negativity about these two groups but I speak to and meet thousands of members of these two generations and I can honestly say that the future is in great hands.


Focus on the good and you will find more of it, focus on the problems and you will find more of them.


It is up to you!

You choose!

I choose to focus on the good, and I hope you will too!


Jake Ballentine


041: Positivity is the Answer!

October 11, 2017

Positivity is the answer! 

In this week's solo round I talk about how In light of recent events we have a greater need for positivity. 

Be positive, and do it louder than ever before!

Martin Luther King Jr. said "Darkness can not drive out darkness only light can do that, hate can not drive out hate, only love can do that."

Love louder than ever before!

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Jake Ballentine


040: Become The Anomaly With Clint Pulver

September 27, 2017

"It’s not about being the best in the world…Its about being the best FOR the world"


Clint is from Heber City, Utah. A graduate of Utah’s premier flight program receiving his pilot’s license from OK3air and Utah Valley University (UVU) graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Speech Communication and high distinction from UVU’s nationally ranked leadership program. Clint was very active in college as a Presidential Leader, Orientation Director, UVU Ambassador, and former UVU Student Body Vice-President. 

He has been a Professional Drummer for over 20 years playing for various professional groups and large venues. For 6 years he directed the UVU Drumline he founded in 2010 known as the Green Man Group as well as the Drumline for the Utah Jazz. In 2012 Clint was voted in as one of Utah’s most fabulous people and was also recently awarded UVU’s distinguished Young Alumni Award. He has appeared on Americas Got Talent and in several different Motion Picture Films, with actors like Jack Black (school of Rock) and John Heeder (Napoleon Dynamite). 

His professional business and sales background includes 5 years as a top producing sales representative and distribution manager in the medical device, capital equipment, disposables, and pharmacogenetic industries. He has been a Self-motivated entrepreneur who is well versed in business start-up, sales management, training, negotiations and growing multi-million dollar accounts. Clint understands first hand that relationships are based on trust, service, precise execution, support and consistent follow-through. He excels in uncovering customer needs, developing and providing solutions, handling objections, motivating, and closing business. 

Clint believes that a single moment in time can change a person’s life, he has traveled the globe speaking to youth and adult audiences alike, challenging them to simply believe—both in themselves and in the power of others. Clint has dedicated his heart to living a life of significance not just a life of success. “It’s not about being the best in the world…Its about being the best FOR the world”.

Connect with Clint:


Mr. Jensen Video:


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039: Josh Shipp, Challenges Build Muscles or Wounds

September 21, 2017

Josh Shipp is an author, global youth empowerment expert, and acclaimed speaker. He is a former at-risk foster kid turned youth advocate, He is the author of the the national bestseller “The Teen’s Guide to World Domination“, and his brand new book The Grown‑Up's Guide to Teenage Humans.

His work has appeared on CNN, good morning america, lifetime, the New York times, 20/20 and Oprah.

If you work with teens, have a teen or have ever seen a teen you are going to want to listen to this episode.

On a personal note, Josh has been a mentor of mine for the last 5 years so it is an honor to have him on the Focus on the good podcast.

Get your copy of Josh’s new book The Grown‑Up's Guide to Teenage Humans here:

Get Josh’s free video series for parents and educators.

Get Josh’s FREE video series on the art and business of speaking here.


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038: Steve Soelberg on What Makes Something Funny

June 1, 2017

Today’s guest is Comedian Steve Soelberg.

Steve has performed as a stand-up comedian and professional emcee for hundreds of thousands all across the US and Canada. Winner of a Funny or Die competition he won the honor to open at the Oddball comedy festival where had the privilege to open for Louis CK, Aziz Ansari, Sara Silverman, as well as some of his personal favorites Ryan Hamilton and Dimitri Martin! He is from Seattle and lives in Salt Lake City, loves dogs and might be part dog as he is also easily distracted by squirrels.

Steve also recently released a comedy special on Vidangel called “We Say Bim”

It is hilarious and you should definitely check it out!

In this conversation we talk about what makes something funny how to Build confidence and the importance of finding your unique style! 

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Jake Ballentine


037: Solo Round: Unlimited Potential

May 25, 2017

You have unlimited potential!


8 Weeks ago we had our first child, Jacob Oliver Ballentine Jr. 


The other night I was holding Jacob and as he slept in my arms I started thinking about his potential in life. At this point in his life his potential is limitless. He can do ANYTHING. his whole life is ahead of him. At the same time I started thinking that everyone was once a little infant in someone's arms. Just like our little boy, you have unlimited potential too. 


Maybe you are not where you want to be or maybe you haven't accomplished the things you think you should have by now, but that doesn't mean that you can't do those things moving forward. 


Your past is not your potential!


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Jake Ballentine


036: What Jeremy Rochford Learned From Losing 200 LBS

May 18, 2017

Jeremy Rochford has lost 200 LBS and more importantly kept it off for 14 years. Jeremy is the author of "The Gospel According to Chubby," and award winning athlete and health and fitness coach.  

In this interview we talk about what Jeremy learned from losing 200 LBS, we talk about the 5 things you need to reach any goal of any size and we have a lot of laughs as well!

If you are thinking that this episode isn't for you because you don't have a weight issue,  DO NOT SKIP THIS EPISODE! Jeremy drops some gold in this interview and the info is for anyone with any goal. 

I am very proud of this interview, and I think you are going to get a lot of value out of it!

Check out Jeremy's Ted X Talk:

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Jake Ballentine

P.S. If you are interested in the coaching program I mentioned in the beginning of the interview get your free book at and send me an email